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Default 527.rar.rar.rar.rar.rar.rar.rar 527.rar.rar.rar.rar.rar.rar.rar

Hi Everyone Hubby here (sorry guys). I_ll bet 10,000 cocks just went limp.. :-) Every once in awhile we shoot a series that comes off so well that even I_m shocked when I go to look at the images and video. This week was unique, however. Usually I have some inkling while shooting the stills if something is coming out exceptionally well. To be honest, it_s almost impossible to take a bad picture of Wifey, but some do stand out more than others. The weird part of the latest update was that while we were shooting the images I didn_t think they were any good. I thought that the light outside was blowing all of the detail out, and she kept complaining that her hair didn_t look right. On top of that, the Speedlight flash for my camera kept acting up, which was really frustrating. Anyway, to make a long story short, she had to persuade me to keep taking images. After about a dozen I was ready to go in and fuck (I_m not blind) As is the usual case, I ended up doing what she wanted me to do (I have no defense for her looks and bod) and kept unenthusiastically snapping away. My schlong was growing more despondent by the moment. I love taking pics of her, but let_s face it, actually getting to nail the hottest woman on the planet is A LOT more fun :-) The video came out great (I thought) She is definitely a sex monster, so she_ll take all the fucking she can get. She really started getting worked up when I rubbed her hot little ass with the vibrator while fucking her doggy style. Her pussy was soaked, and I knew that this week was going to be a little above the norm. Actually we had planned on finishing the scene with me straddling her chest and fucking her tits so that I could cum on her face and throat. I can honestly say that there is no faking involved in Wifey_s love of receiving facials and watching a guy cum. We ended up changing positions because the lighting was blocked (long story..) so I stood up and jerked off all over her face. I was trying to shoot it all into her mouth, but most of my wad ended up going into her left eye. Another funny thing about Wifey she really gets turned on when her eyes get blasted with cum. Guess it_s just a nasty thing for her to do. Hey, I_m not complaining.. Anyway, I practically fell out of my chair at the office when I saw the stills, I think they might be the hottest set we_ve ever done of her. The closeups of her ass with that chain belt hanging down her crack had my eyes bulging. I mean, I see her everyday and there are still times when I_m floored by her looks. Anyway, enough of me rambling on, hope you all like the latest stuff. Take care-
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File Name : popeye01.mp4
File Size : 71.25 MB
Resolution : 320x240
Duration : 00:13:44

Download Screenshots:
Flyfiles RAR:527.rar.rar.rar.rar.rar.rar.rar.rar

Download VIDEO:
Flyfiles Videoopeye01.mp4

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